The Email Automation

Boost your revenue while establishing human-centered (and interest-driven) connections with your customers

Want a customized email marketing solution for your biz?

This done-for-you email automation  is designed to take your customers on an unforgettable journey with your brand from start to finish. Whether they’re new to your company or learning about your latest promotion, this hike will give 'em the views they’re after....

It's the hassle-free way to improve your email engagement on autopilot (and do good for our planet in the process)!

Plus, it's an easy way for you to show up for your customers, too. For example:
• Email Automation Strategy
• Visual Automation Map
• Copy for ALL emails in your automation
• Wireframes/Templates
• Setup & Implementation
• Custom Report

The Process

Plan the route (research and discovery) We'll get together to talk about your goals, your current email marketing playbook, and the target audience for your automation. I'll also do a helluva lot of research on your previous campaigns and audience so we can identify what makes them tick.
Meet at the trailhead (strategy and design) – Once our route is planned, I'll get to work on the email automation strategy, map, wireframes, and design.
Uphill climb (initial drafts) Once we're on our way, I'll start drafting all of the copy for the emails in your new customer automation.
The "Midpoint Pass" (revisions and edits) Halfway through our journey together, we'll pause to review what I've been working on to make sure it's in alignment with you, your brand, and your voice.
Overnight checkpoint (final revisions) Before we pull the trigger on the final stages of our journey together, I'll submit the email automation to you for final review.
The summit (setup and implementation) This is the moment you've been waiting for! With all of our checkpoints complete, I'll format and optimize your automation to perform the way it should, and then, launch your email automation to the masses.
The "Final Pass" (training and handoff) I don’t dump everything into your lap and run. I make sure you understand your email automation and are fully-equipped to be successful with all the new collateral I give you. You're not alone on this journey – I'm with you every step of the way!
Back at basecamp (the follow-up) Who doesn’t love a good “circle back” moment to check-in on you and make sure things are going well?
Kristen Koger, Atlanta

Give a damn about the wild. This project preserves it.

I give a percentage of profits from every "Thru-Hike" project to the Appalachian Trail Conservatory.

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